Zissou Costume for Cosplay

1Cosplay is a hobby wherein people dress up like the characters they want to portray. From the clothing the character wears to the accessories they have on their bodies, a cosplayer copies everything and turns the fiction character into a reality. Historically, the word cosplay was first heard in the country of Japan. It is the contraction of the two words costume and plays. Cosplay became popular in Japan being the pioneering country of anime. Japanese loved and still love to dress up like the anime characters they watch. They spend a number of hours searching for the costume on different boutiques, they prepare their face with layers of makeup, and they buy accessories to complete their look. The popularity of cosplay did not only reach the corners of Japan. It rapidly spread throughout Asia and the whole world. Many ideas and changes have been introduced since its inception. Not only do cosplayers mimic anime characters but also movie personas and TV show celebrities.


Any popular person whether fictional or not could be cosplayed. There are difficulties however in this kind of hobby. Cosplay requires a lot of patience and effort. The cosplayer must be patient in looking for the costumes and accessories needed to copy completely the look of the character. Some cosplayers even go the distance as they make their own costumes. Good thing is that the internet is a good tool for finding these essentials. Cosplayers could easily visit online stores and shop for their needs. Online shops could be of great help if the character to be portrayed has simple clothing and accessories worn. The Zissou costume as an example, requires only a long red beanie, a short boxed gray and white beard, a light blue short-sleeve uniform shirt, a men’s scrub pants in ceil blue, a black adjustable leg holster, a black airsoft pistol, a men’s trainer shoes in blue and white, a pair of yellow shoelaces, and a set of patch. When pictured out, the character is actually quite simple. Plus, everything needed could be found on Amazon.


Contrary however to the Zissou costume are cosplay characters that have intricate designs on their clothing. These are characters whose fashion cannot be simply found on Amazon but requires being hand-tailored. This is where the tricky part comes in. However, cosplayers are artists. They have imaginative minds that could transform a simple fabric or tool into an amazing cosplay piece. The online shops are again good sources to complete the look. Cosplay has indeed greatly evolved from the first time it was introduced in the country of Japan. There are plenty of exhibits and even competition that acknowledges the cosplayers’ creativity and talent. Many of the cosplayers have even turned this hobby into a life profession wherein they could earn a decent living. The popular cosplayers around the globe have inspired a lot of people, not just movie and anime fanatics, to turn their love and passion for the art into something productive and meaningful.