Why Zendesk Rules

zendesk1Zendesk is a customer service platform based around making things simple for businesses and their customers. They currently have their competition shaking in their boots due to all of the newest additions made to their platform. If you are wondering what makes this customer service platform stand out from all of the rest then stand in line, but the wait is short. Read some Zendesk reviews to learn more about what they have to offer that the competition does not.

Why is Zendesk better than Kayako?

The reason why Zendesk is taking over the industry is because they always stay a step ahead of their competition. Kayako is another customer service platform that is Zendesk’s current competition. Here are some of the reasons why Zendesk is better than Kayako.

  • When it comes to social tickets, Zendesk is able to monitor your Twitter accounts and Facebook pages for specific problems and create tickets.
  • Zendesk Starter allows you to create unlimited forums for customers in order to answer their questions. While Kayako does have a Knowledge Base which is kind of similar but not really as effective.
  • Zendesk has applications on iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Android, and Blackberry which all work very well. Kayako has yet to release any applications for their platform which sets them back a bit.
  • Zendesk utilizes WordPress plugins that allow customers to create tickets based on comments and also allows people who comment to open a ticket instead of commenting. Kayako currently has no plans of utilizing WordPress plugins.
  • Zendesk created a feedback tab that can be dropped in which a simple embed code. This makes it very easy for customers to open tickets and also contact you right from your website.
  • Zendesk as a much lower annual starter fee ($20) and they are giving that to charity. Kayako is charging $130 plus service upgrades.
  • You do not have to worry about new upgrades as it is a hosted platform. Zendesk will do all of that for you. This also means that if your server happens to go down then your desk support will still function properly.

Those are just a few of the reasons why Zendesk is stomping all over the competition. They are going above and beyond for the customers and also giving back to the community.


Zendesk is better than the rest because they make it easier for customer service reps to perform their jobs accurately. It is easy to navigate and the support is impeccable. They are less expensive and have more to offer in terms of customer-based solutions. Regardless if you are a start-up business or have been around for decades, you will find many benefits when you use Zendesk.