The Most Advanced Organic Garbage Disposal Technology

1Are you having some kitchen trouble with your garbage? Then, upgrade your kitchen and make use of this year’s most advanced disposal technology that is garbage disposers. Garbage disposers hit the market only recently. These household equipment is a great life saver especially in maintaining the cleanliness of your kitchen. A garbage disposer resembles a regular disposal bin you usually use in your home. However, this equipment is manufactured with advanced technology that is absent in regular disposal bins.


How Does a Garbage Disposal Works?


A garbage disposal bin is installed under your sink. It is directly connected to the drain so it can deliver the garbage into the sewage system through the drain pipes. If you are using a dishwasher, this equipment has connections that you can plug into your dishwasher. The job of a garbage disposal is to turn your organic garbage into bits of pieces. Every brand of this disposer has a motor that powers the shredder to grind the organic waste. They only differ in the amount of power which the motor produces. If you are intending to buy this equipment, check out first the motor power of a disposer. The higher the motor power the more action it does.


What are the Leading Brands of Garbage Disposal?


Honestly, there are several garbage disposal brands on the market today. Thus, handpicking one can be a little difficult especially if you have no guide to assist you. The good thing is there are web portals like The Disposal Advisor which provides detailed garbage disposal reviews and buying guidelines to first-time buyers of this technology. Here are the top three garbage disposal in the market this 2018, with the highest customer satisfaction rating.


1. Waste King Legend Series


This Waste King garbage disposer model L-2600 is a true identity of efficiency and durability. Despite the plastic outer shell of this device, you can guarantee that Waste King L-2600 can do the tough job of shredding and grinding organic garbage. This disposer has a solid and stainless steel construction. Thus, this disposer is 100 percent rust resistant. Moreover, this equipment has a power ½ HP motor with 2600 rpm. It is also to clean with its splashguard feature.


2. Waste King Legend Series 1.0


The L8000 is another notable product of Waste King. This garbage disposal is built from stainless steel. Likewise, the motor power of L8000 is truly magnificent. With a powerful 1.0 HP engine, this garbage disposer can work up to 2800 rpm and pulverize any waste materials.


3. Insinkerator Evolution Compact


This garbage disposal is a must-have for all household with its amazing features. The InSinkErator is the only disposer with patented Sound Seal technology. Therefore, it does not produce noises unlike other garbage disposers without this feature especially when pushed to its maximum power. This equipment also features multi-grind technology and has a quick lock sink mount for easy installation. Say no more to foul smelling and dirty kitchen. Pick a garbage disposer with the help of The Disposal Advisor today.