The Miracles Of Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love

One of the oldest sayings is that lucky are those persons who have found love in their life. It is one of the truest and purest feelings we can have for a person. When you are in love, everything around you seems magical; it becomes the essence of your life.

Love is healing. Yes, you have read of it in story books and have seen the dramatic representation of the same in numerous movies. But don’t take it as something fanciful. Unconditional or undying love, as you say it, has the power to heal almost everything. And when that person whose love has repaired all your woes and worries, we thank the Almighty for bringing our soul mate into our life. Our soul mate is the person who makes our life livelier, brimming with exuberance and happiness.

Now, the idea of unconditional love is subjective, since the definition of pure love varies from person to person. There are no accepted rules of committed love. We feel attracted to someone in our own special way. But whatever may be the reason we cannot possibly deny that unconditional love has curative powers.

Now, one question can cross the mind of those who are reading this piece of article. How will I know that it is true love or this person is my soul mate?

  • You have stopped thinking about someone else after I meeting this person.
  • You go out of your ways to impress this particular person, be it through simple gestures or some sweet talks.
  • You are your most normal in front of this person.
  • You continue to feel for this person without expecting a whole lot of things in return.
  • He/she is the main reason behind your motivation. You get encouraged by them.
  • You can reveal your most embarrassing and quirky side in front of this person without being ashamed of it. You know that he/she won’t be judgmental.

Your soul mate is your best friend for life. He/she is the person who won’t judge you on the basis of your past but will encourage you to make your future bright and safe. And in this process, makes a commitment to stay beside you forever.

How can love heal or create miracles in our life, you may ask. Let us see how.

  • One simple hug from your loved one lowers your stress level and uplifts your mood.
  • You gain a certain confidence which you have lost somehow. The self-confidence motivates your self-development. He/she encourages you to rebuild your life according to your terms. You make a better lifestyle choice.
  • Most importantly, you accept your true self. An unconditional love will never force you to change, but you will eventually mature and take charge of you and your life. Not only with yourself, you learn to behave well with other persons around you, be it your parents or friends.

Above all, when you are around with this very special person, you feel protected and safe. This makes you secure and happy from within, which is reflected through your personality.

Overall, this unconditional love makes you a beautiful and wonderful person. And perhaps it is where all the miracle lies.