Smartwatch vs Fitness Tracker

There have been numerous queries on whether a fitness tracker is a Smartwatch and vice versa. Many people have been confused on which is which and whether to buy a fitness tracker or a Smartwatch. If you are still wondering, then be assured that these two devices are completely different. Just to mention, a Smartwatch is more of a communication device, which can also deliver the notification. On the other hand, a fitness tracker is designed to keep track of your exercise and health. Both of them are, however, amazing wearables with numerous qualities. This article will highlight for you the difference between the two devices so you can make the right choice while doing your shopping. As a side note, there’s more about this here.



Just like a phone, a Smartwatch has the same qualities. The only difference here is that it is worn on the wrist while a phone is usually put in a pocket. A Smartphone is, nonetheless, an extension of your phone onto your wrist. It allows numerous functions that are advantageous thus, you don’t have to pull out your phone. If we can further analyzethe Smartwatch Vs Fitness Tracker, with a Smartwatch you are able to respond to messages, set your phone as desired, and track your heart activities among many more activities. This is possible because Smartwatches have similar apps as the one on the phone. It is, therefore, a phone like a device as opposed to the fitness tracker. Smartwatches come with numerous advantages and disadvantages as well. For instance, the device has customizable faces, interchangeable bands, fitness features, and with it, you can receive and respond to a notification. The cons are, however, few, which includes low battery life, lack of other options, and high prices among others.

Smartwatches are commendable to people with more to do things apart from just tracking fitness. If you are this type of a person, there is no point purchasing a fitness tracker. With a Smartwatch, you are sorted as you can receive text, and calendar alerts among others.

Fitness Trackers

Just as the name suggests, a fitness tracker is a health fitness-tracking device. Many people always ask what does a fitness tracker do? Unlike the smart watches, they are meant to provide information about your health. This includes helping you towards achieving your fitness goals. With that, I mean step counts, calories burned, and various physical activities. This device can notifying you that you are inactive thus you are able stay alert at all times. It, however, does not force you to be responsible as you can decide not to comply but in this case, the more you are responsible the more you have chances to keep fit.

A person who is concerned much about fitness and uncomplicated features is best if with a fitness tracker. It has no much of apps hence it is simple and easy to read. Fitness tracker has numerous features, which includes long battery life that can last up to months, interchangeable bands, additional companion apps, and stylish options.

In conclusion, decide carefully before you can purchase either of these gadgets. Once you have decided which one you want, consider browsing online for extra information about the gadget of your choice. By so doing, you will be able to get a wearable that will suit you and all your needs.