Reviewing The Omron 7 Series Blood Pressure Monitor


Why is it important to get an accurate blood pressure? If you are someone who gets their blood pressure checked on a regular basis, you know why it’s essential to obtain a correct blood pressure. The Omron 7 blood pressure monitor does just that-giving you consistent, error-free results when used properly.

Any Time Check

If your blood pressure is being followed by your doctor, blood pressure measurements can decide whether or not you may be placed on medication. If already on medication, regular blood pressure recordings can dictate if your medication need to be increased. Though the systolic or top number can fluctuate considerably whether you’re at rest or excited, it is the diastolic or bottom number which your physician is concerned about. The diastolic number lets your doctor know the amount of resting pressure your heart has to overcome in order to pump blood to the rest of your body. A higher number means your heart has to work extra hard to circulate blood.

Compact Size

The Omorn 7 is compact and easily fits into any bag or purse. Allowing you to take it with you to efficiently check your blood pressure at intervals throughout the day. The comfortable, pre-curved blood pressure cuff fits snugly to you arm without you having to take the time to “strap down” a cuff around your arm like other fabric models. The Velcro latch keeps the cuff in place and no effort needs to be taken to pull the cuff snug to your arm. Proper cuff placement is paramount because a poorly fitting cuff can read your blood pressure as too low. Alternatively, a cuff fit too tight to your arm can read your blood pressure as too high.

Store the Recording

Another great feature is the ability for the user to store recorded blood pressures into the device-leaving a paper and pen out of the equation. Life happens when having to regularly take your blood pressure, and numbers can be forgotten. The Omron 7 will store your blood pressure readings for several days, accommodating up to two people. Though small, the omron 7 series reviews have shown that it has a powerful pump, inflating the cuff quickly. An important factor as well in obtaining correct blood pressures. When a cuff is not properly inflated it can cause the blood pressure reading to be too low as well.

Following your doctors advice and checking your blood pressure at specified times give you piece of mind. Unchecked high blood pressure or hypertension puts you at high risk for stroke or heart attack. Although checking your blood pressure at home can interfere with your activities of daily living, ultimately it is a tool which, when done right, will allow you to continue on with or improve your current health status. This blood pressure machine is designed to provide ease of use for the individual, while providing accurate, clinical-like blood pressure numbers.

Maintain your heath and prolong your way of like by following up with all required treatments and routines which your doctor has prescribed for you. There are many diet changes he or she may have encouraged you to try and help lower your blood pressure. A low salt diet being one of them. Why not track your blood pressure accurately and show you and your doctor the progress you’ve made?