Reasons Why People Use Digital Vouchers Substantially More Than Printed Ones


Discount coupons have been around for the longest time. Yet it is quite perplexing but not surprising that a lot of people aren’t fond of using them. Not even in the moment where they have the opportunity to do so. With the rise of Internet-based services, Internet shopping, in particular, people have come to use coupons more and more. But not the conventional coupons that they have to cut off from printed materials. Instead, people have grown fond of the digital version of discount coupons. Here are some of the biggest reasons why it’s welcomed with open arms compared to the shunned printed coupons.

  • Easy to find.

Printed coupons, ones that need to be cut out before it can be used as a discount voucher in a store, are hard to find because magazines don’t really index their advertisements well. It’s more of a stumbled-upon thing than a cataloged location inside their prints. Even magazines that have dedicated pages for coupons can’t really provide accurate information as to where a specific coupon for a specific item can be found. Electronic discount vouchers, on the other hand, can be found by using search engines or search functions within a merchant’s website. This is definitely a convenience that will spoil any consumer.

  • Can be found in one site.

Coupons found in newspapers, magazines and flyers are inconvenient to collect. This is because of how they are essentially taken from different sources. In contrast, digital coupons can be found on a single website; websites that collate various coupons for various products and services ranging from home equipment to salon makeovers. Obviously, there are a lot of sites that does this. But this isn’t a disadvantage but actually something to be ecstatic about. Checking out discount codes & coupons for Flipkart is usually enough for one’s online shopping needs, but if necessary, they can also check out other websites that put up coupons as well.

  • Can be used for intangible products and services.

With the digital revolution becoming the next frontier for businesses, some products and services are in the form of software or on-call service. Buyers can use discount vouchers when buying software, for example. And it’s not just for one-time purchasing of software that coupons can be used – but also for software that charge monthly subscription. Some music streaming services roll out tempting discount codes from time to time to convince Internet users to use their platform and hopefully make them feel like it’s such a compelling software that they keep subscribing months later when prices go back to normal. It’s a second-rate free trial, essentially, but it’s better than nothing.

  • No stigma of being cheap.

Whether anyone is willing to admit it or not, using coupons at the checkout in the local grocery store can be a humiliating experience. It’s unfortunate that something petty gets in the way of saving money, but it’s a real concern nonetheless. The good news is that this isn’t the case with digital purchases. In fact, the absence of other people’s judgment is probably the biggest reason why digital coupons are almost always taken advantage of while printed ones, almost never.