Nerve damage from diabetes

If you have Type I Diabetes or Type II Diabetes, then you have probably felt or at least heard of the possibility of getting Neuropathy or nerve damage. This creates problems within the body’s ability to feel any sensation like a hot plate or something that should be very cold to the touch.


The nerves within your body give you the sensation to feel. They send signals to the brain that this is too hot or too cold for your body’s temperature to handle. If you have a hot plate and place it against your skin and have nerve damage, then you will not be able to feel the heat pressing against your skin while causing damage underneath. This can lead to scarring of the skin or much worse burns, without you even being aware of it. Nerve damage from diabetes can cause catastrophic issues within your body, while inhibiting your ability to sense when your body is in danger.


Neuropathy or Nerve Damage usually occurs over an extended period of time for those with uncontrolled diabetes. Meaning that your glucose levels have remained uncontrolled or too high for too long, which can leave your body lethargic, without any energy. The length of time that your glucose level is high, causes damages to many parts of your body, including your nerves. This will bring about a distinct inability to feel anything that could be dangerous to your skin. Nerve damage also can be damaging to your feet area. There are many diabetics after having nerve damage or Neuropathy of the feet, who are unable to feel what is pressing against their skin. This leads to unwarranted pressure on your feet for an extended amount of time, which can lead to difficulty walking and other more serious health issues.


The best solution for nerve damage or Neuropathy is to control your glucose levels. This can be done by making sure to take your diabetic medication, whether it is insulin or pill form, exercise daily and eat healthy carbohydrates ‘real foods’. Making sure to maintain a healthy weight program and keeping a healthy body will do great things for making sure that there is limited nerve damage in your body. And while those nerves that have already been damaged cannot be undone, doing these things will make sure that there is little to no more nerve damage in your body. The nerves have the ability to send danger signals to the brain. This makes sure that the nerves in your body are able to do their job while letting you know about anything that would hinder the body’s ability to function as it should.

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, or feel that you have the disease, make sure and talk with your physician about nerve damage or Neuropathy. Have questions for the doctor about causes and what are some basic things that you can do to help control your body’s nerve damage? These are simple things that can give you the best and most healthy body possible when living with diabetes.