My mother’s ecstatic reaction to the news of my first pregnancy

pregnancyWhen I got pregnant my husband and I were both exhilarated. It was the second year of our marriage and we badly wanted kids. Having kids had been something we had talked about even before we had become married. My husband badly wanted kids and I also badly wanted kids. We both wanted a large family and so the earlier we started having kids the better.

My husband and I both came from large families and this may have been a contributing factor to us wanting to have a large family. I especially had grown up in a very loving family with a doting mum who brought me up in a way that made me long to have my own big family. I was am still very close to my mother.

My mother was therefore one of the first people who I told about my pregnancy. Naturally, she was also quite thrilled about the news. This would be her first grandchild. She was so excited that she decided to come over and celebrate the news with me. I was working and so the celebration had to wait until after work in the evening. The wait was not a problem to my mother.

My parents lived in a town that was just a few minutes’ drive from the city where I lived with my husband. My mother was still a pretty decent driver and so she could easily make it to drive into the city, have some time with me, and still drive back.

After work I met my mother at a local lush restaurant in the city where she loved to meet me especially when there was something to celebrate such as a birthday. Walking into the main hall of the restaurant I immediately spotted my mother who was sitting at a table near the entrance with a beaming smile. She woke up and gave me a mighty hug before we sat down.

We had barely sat down when my mother began with a long tirade of counsel. I knew my mum would want to guide me on each step of my pregnancy completely disregarding the fact that I would be aware of what I needed to do.

The first thing she warned me to do was to keep off from the indoor rowing machine which we had at home. My husband and I had an indoor rowing machine that we used to work out. Whenever my mum came home she would be irritated at how keen we were in observing our work out sessions. My mum is fortunate to have had a beautiful body all her life and she had never had any weight problem and so she could not understand our devotion to managing our weight.

Another thing that my mother largely emphasized about was the fact that I needed to have a healthy diet. She especially stressed on my need to take prenatal vitamins – especially vitamins that were rich in DHA. She repeatedly told me that this was important in having children who had well developed brains and hence smart kids.