How to Reduce the Size of a Scanned Document

Scanning documents are the perfect way to bridge the gap between physical files filled with tons of pages and the digital working sphere. However, if you are looking to scan a good number of documents there is one problem that you could have – the problem of file size. Find out more here.

File sizes can easily add up, and you would want to want to reduce the size of a scanned document.

How do you do that?

Why Should You Go in For a Scanner?

Most of us work on our computers when are sitting in our offices, and hence we prefer having all the required files on our screen for easy access. Moreover, we sometimes need to send documents virtually and hence need a scanner.

A common problem:

The problem with scanned documents is that their size tends to get bigger since they are a compilation of multiple images. You might face inconvenience if you try to send a scanned file through e-mails.

How can you solve this issue?

There are different ways to go about reducing the size of a scanned document. Primarily, you need to look for a good software that could help you reduce the size automatically.

  • Reducing the size of scanned document will help you upload it faster to the web and increase your storage.
  • Not every scanned document has the same size and format, but a good software will help you compress all of them without any hassle.
  • All you need is an appropriate file compression software that is compatible with the file format you have stored your scanned document in.
  • You can choose different software for PDF-s and Word files, or find one software that works with all standard document file formats.

Additionally, you will also be able to convert the files to your desired format. You can also just compress it as an image file and make it OCR-friendly.

Is there any other way you should know about?

The resolution of the scanned image is what decides the final size of the file. When operating your scanner, you can make changes to the settings so that the scanned document is not very large to begin with.

If you do not need the absolute best quality for your scanned documents, then reduce the resolution. You will not be able to preserve the tiny details, but it will be good enough for office work.