How to maintain your rotary hand tool

Tools in a good condition can be a good investment and that can only be achieved if the tools are taken care of and maintenance. If you keep the tools properly cleaned, properly stored and well maintained you’ll be sure of saving some money and time on repairs. Maintenance of rotary hand tools also requires such care and good storage. Some of the ways to maintain such tools are included below, but you can also find a comprehensive list here.


Use of the correct rotary hand cleaning tools for cleaning the tools

These cleaning tools typically are made of abrasive material which spins at very high speeds. The tools do the cleaning jobs very fast. The rotary cleaning equipment tend to leave things like grease or oil on the tool’s surface and therefore it requires you to use a solvent for cleaning the grease or oil before using the cleaning tools. The abrasive material used is of basically three types which are: coated abrasives, wire brushes and non-woven abrasives. The various types can be used on rotary tools which are either right angle or straight. For straight machines, non-woven abrasive and coated abrasive wheels and wire brushes are used while for vertical or right angle machines the cup wire, cup non-woven abrasive discs and wheels are used.

Proper storage

All you need is working with amount of space which you have. Some of the hand tools come in a kit whereby you can store after use. However, for the ones which are not bought in a kit you can store the tools in chests, bags, boxes or keep them in shelves or drawers or else hang the tools on pegboards. The method which works best for your tools is ideal. Pegboards most at times form best storage places for hand tools. When the tools are hanged on the board you can easily spot each tool at a single glance. Additionally, the tools make very good use of your room’s wall in an efficient manner. You can as well make a DIY pegboard which could be a portable one or a rolling storage pegboard system.

Keep the storage place dry

Although it seems so obvious to store tools in basements and garages but then such places are enclosed and hence prone to humidity issues. Not all such places are air-conditioned or heated. Avoid such places and if you keep the tools on such places consider purchasing a dehumidifier which will help lower the place’s dampness.