How to Fix a Fishing Reel

Fishing reel repair.

When looking at the fishing reel repair, you should first know how the fishing reel works. The fishing reel is basically a winch attached to a fishing rod used to pull back the fishing line. The most common types of fishing reels are Bait Casting Reels, Spin Cast Reels, Open Face Spinning Reels and Fly Reels.

Keeping your reel in good condition is the first step.

how to fix a fishing reel is a question that arises more than often. One of the key tips in repairing fishing reels is keeping your reel in good condition. If you keep your roller lubricated and clean, you will find that it lasts longer than usual. The use of alcohol or some other form of lubricant like this will go a long way. No matter how good the condition is, you keep your reel, you’ll find that eventually it will wear off and stop working. Some of the ways this happens are the spring on the reel spool can be over worn and stop working. The spring mechanism that keeps the spool from moving itself can also wear out and break. The yoke of a spinning reel can break, and the springs and brake discs on the bait casting rollers can become worn and break.

To repair your reel, you must first know which reel you are working on. Some parts you may need to repair your fishing reel include a screwdriver, pliers, wrench, and grease. In almost every situation, you can repair your fishing reel by replacing the broken part that is available at most good fishing deals.

Steps involved in fixing the reel.

First, remove the nut holding the string on the reel. Next, take the stirrup and also take the nut barrier that holds the stirrup arm in place. Third, take the bail spool. Inspect the bracket and roller and replace if broken or damaged. Fourth, place the new bracket in the bail arm. Next, use the pliers to remove the old spring. Check the spring and replace it, if it is too broken, if not, reinsert the spring. Next, put the roll back on the hanger and arm. Finally, make sure that the lock is firmly attached to the bracket.

If you find that your springs and washers do not work on a reel with a bait casting, you will find instructions here for mounting. First, remove the nut handle and take the handle. Do not lose the kite or pull any washers with you. Next, take the plate screws, then remove the coil and the plate. Third, remove the bridge plates that are attached to the plate. Next take the bridge, spring, ratchet and main gearbox. Take out the spring, pull and clean and lubricate it. Next, replace any parts that do not work and are broken or worn. Finally, put everything together in reverse order.

Finally, to attach the coil spring to a fly reel, first remove the cover on the axle and the old coil spring. Put the new spring on the hook. Make sure it is aligned and put the axle back on. These are just a few common problems and quick tips when repairing fishing reels. There are many things that could go wrong and problems that may arise, but hopefully, this guide will help you figure out how to repair your fishing reel yourself.