How to Build a Child Safe Home


When you have a new baby at home, there are a lot of things about your house that you need to take care of. This is to ensure that your baby is safe and secure in every room he or she goes to, especially when the kid starts to crawl or walk. Here are some things that you have to keep in mind when you have a baby at home.


The first thing you need to secure is the crib. Make sure that the crib is placed securely against an empty wall. Do not put the crib below bookcases or shelves where stuff could fall on the child. The crib should also be a fixed-sided one. Although having a drop-side crib would make it easier for you to pick the baby up from the crib, it could accidentally drop and would trap the baby and suffocate him or her.

Experts also say that putting too much-stuffed animals inside the crib could cause suffocation for babies. Although stuffed toys are great to soundproof a baby’s room, you should not stack them inside the crib. Instead, put them against the walls outside the crib. You can put some draft stoppers under the door and line the windows to prevent unnecessary noise from disturbing your baby’s sleep. Install a window guard to avoid your kid from opening the windows too wide. When your child starts walking, be sure to change the blinds into a cordless one to prevent the cord from looping around your kid’s neck or other parts of the body. Secure the dressers and shelves, too.

Living Room

There are a lot of things in the living room that can cause harm to your child. You would need to secure the TV, first and foremost. It would be best to have it mounted on the wall where it can’t be reached by your child. Picture frames, vases, and other things that can be broken should be put away for the meantime or placed on high surfaces and secured. The fireplace should be covered as well. Install gates that are heat-resistant and keep the stokes out of reach. Cover all electrical sockets and fix lose chords. Cables and other wires should be covered, too.


If possible, it is best to put a gate at the entrance of the kitchen. Most of the appliances and fixtures are hazardous for babies. Make sure to lock the dishwasher and secure all doors that he or she can reach. Push back appliances on the counter so the kid won’t be able to pull them down. Keep all cutleries and other kitchenware where the baby can’t get them. Put anti-slip mats on the floor to avoid slipping, especially near the sink and stove where liquids could easily spill unnoticed.


Cover the faucets or taps so it would not be easy for the child to turn them on. Install mats on the floor that would prevent the baby from slipping. You should also make sure that the bathroom floor is always dry.