Growing Weed: Set Up

Marijuana plant being held to show complex roots during transplanting

You might have your own reasons for deciding to start growing your own marijuana indoors. Before you go and purchase your seeds and start growing them, there are several things that you need to consider first. Here are the very first things that you need to know in order to have a great set up prepared before your seeds arrive.

  1. Space

Your space would depend on how big you want your garden to be. Some small-time growers that only grow for personal use would usually use an empty closet for a few buds. But, if you want to have a really big garden where you could grow numerous seeds, you might want to use your basement, an extra room or a separate building. But, whatever you choose for your indoor garden, you would need to consider the different equipment you would be putting in the room with the plants and the space you would need to work on them.

  1. Lighting

Light is probably the most important factor in making your weed grow and develop better for it to yield ideal results. There are different types of lights you can choose from – LED, Fluorescent, and HID which come in three different variations (HPS, MH, and CMH). There is also Plasma which is the most recently developed technology for indoor grow lights. Choose a light that would give you the spectrum you would need for each stage and variety of the cannabis. The vegetative state would require blue and white light more than the other spectra of light. As for the flowering stage, you would need a light that could provide your plant with orange, red and yellow lights. You can read more about grow lights at

  1. Ventilation

Airflow is needed to prevent the plants from burning and acquiring different types of ailments. It would help regulate the temperature in the room, especially if your lights produce too much heat. Bad ventilation would also result in molding and rotting of roots, leaves, and buds. Because of the desired temperature and humidity when there is poor airflow, bugs like spider mites and gnats would multiply and destroy your plants. Make sure to set up your fan, exhaust, and vents properly to maintain healthy airflow in your grow room.

  1. Medium

You can work with soil, or go completely soilless. Soil is more recommended for first-time growers as it is less expensive. Just make sure to get some good quality soil and add some coco fiber, perlite, and compost to make it even better. You would need to change the soil after all the nutrients have been used up.

  1. Nutrients

You would need to feed your plant with the proper nutrients in order for it to grow and develop faster. There are two essential kinds of nutrients that your plants need. These are the macro and micronutrients. Macro consists of the basic nutrients – Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K). Some plants might need more than that and would require you to give them micronutrients as well. But, if you have the right set up and environment for your plant, you would only need to give it the basics.

  1. Water

The frequency of watering your plant would depend on how old it is. Young plants only need to be watered once a week while adult plants would need water once every day. The quality of the water is also important. Some mineral contents on certain types of water might hinder growth and cause some root problems to the plant. Filtering the water is recommended for most water types.