Features of Cool, Slim Wallets for Men



The importance of carrying a wallet wherever a person goes is never questionable. That is because it is a handy item that accommodates all the essential items for purchasing items, as well as for one’s identity. Having a wallet that is too bulky and heavy (especially for men) is a thing of the past. Men now prefer to have wallets that have minimalistic designs but are still functional.

By having slim and functional wallets, they feel more comfortable and they can easily keep the wallet from the prying eyes of snatchers or pickpockets. However, as people become more stylish and conscious about what they carry around, there are already slim and cool men’s wallets that can be bought. These types of wallets are the ones that will surely be loved by men. Some of the features that make them cool are the following:


Many men often have a misconception that slim wallets are not capable of carrying a lot of cards and bills. Fortunately, there are companies that manufacturer slim wallets that are expandable. They are those that have extra slots for cards and folded bills but will not look thick even when such area is used. The materials used for expandable slim wallets are often the ones responsible for such innovative design.

Waterproof and Eco-Friendly

Slim wallets can also be considered cool when they are made of waterproof and environmental-friendly materials. Although they are usually not made of leather, who would not want to use a wallet that contributes to the well-being of the environment? On another note, waterproof wallets are impressive since users not worry about the item when the rain suddenly falls. At times, they can even float when placed in water.

RFID-Blocking System

Nowadays, criminals are capable of stealing personal information from the chips of the ATM and credit cards that are inside the wallet. Such is made possible by using a device that can scan through the cards even if the wallet is inside the bag or pocket. With that in regard, most manufacturers of slim wallets have incorporated ant-RFID technology in order to block the scanning devices.

Tracking Chips

As technology becomes more advanced, the coolest features of some slim wallets are the presence of tracking chips. As the name implies, it is a technology that will enable the owner to find his or her wallet when it is misplaced, lost, or stolen. Such is made possible through an application that can be downloaded and installed on an Android or Windows cell phone. Such will be able to connect to the chip present installed in the wallet.

Final Thoughts

Most people often think those cool wallets are the ones that have eye-catching and unique physical appearances or outer designs. Yes, they can be considered as such. However, the coolest slim wallets for men are those that provide extra functionality for the wallet, as well as security of the items inside and the wallet itself.

These cool wallets may be a little more expensive than other slim wallets because of their extra features. Nonetheless, they are worthy to buy.