Buying a Radar Detector for Long Trips

4Anyone who has tried driving at least six hours straight can attest to the slight lapses in judgment every once in a while. These mistakes shouldn’t happen. But there’s no denying that, as humans, we are not infallible to errors that are caused simply because of our physiological limits. One would think that doing a single thing for a long time would mean improvement in judgment and concentration. But not really, it gets boring really fast more so if the road is too familiar. Such is the case with truck drivers who ply the same route every single week. Which is why, in a lot of instances, it’s practical to buy and install a radar detector. No, not with the intention of deliberately breaking the law and getting away with it, but to have constant reminders that law enforcement is watching, and that one must comply with the law to avoid road mishaps. And to avoid that ticket too, to be honest.

A radar detector’s cue can definitely jolt a drowsy driver back to full attention. So don’t dismiss owning a radar detector just yet. They are amazing tools for road safety and awareness. Sadly, they are also amazing tools for law-breakers. Nevertheless, when buying a radar detector, it’s important to read reviews onĀ radar detector tips & advice. After all, buying one that fails to meet its supposed function is a waste of money and may cause a false sense of complacency. And this complacency may lead to a costly ticket or a trip to the hospital.

One of the most important features to look for when buying a radar detector is GPS functionality. In fact, units without it aren’t really worth considering at all. The benefits of GPS data far outweigh the added cost of the radar detector. One of the most notable benefits is to be able to have accurate data on actual distances traveled including the speed. This data could potentially refute a false tagging, so get one with a GPS and do keep GPS data handy.

Another amazing feature that shouldn’t really be without for radar detectors is the ability to switch between city and highway mode. Regardless of whether one drives in the city most of the time or on the highway, having the option to change frequency and sensitivity is a nifty feature. In the event that one goes on a long road trip, cutting through several cities, this feature helps significantly. As we all are pretty aware of, metropolitan areas are full of radio signals left and right. The fact that households are equipped with microwaves for convenient food preparation can make a highly sensitive radar detector go haywire. With city mode turned on, the sensitivity is lowered and the detector will only alert for a specific radio signal, one that’s sent out by a speed gun.

Do remember, though, that in some areas, radar detectors are not only frowned upon, but are actually prohibited by the law. Take note of where these places are and remove the detector from the dashboard to avoid unnecessary confrontations. Or just buy one that’s inconspicuous.