Buyers guide to ergonomic mice

Are Ergonomic Mice necessary? If there is a part of the computer that you are always in contact with besides the keyboard, then it is the mouse. However, not many of you will pay attention to the type of mouse they use as such attention is rather given to the CPUs, the Monitors among others. Little do you know that a bad mouse can be the genesis of some of your health problems.

Health professionals have it that nerve damage, carpal tunnel syndrome among other health conditions are common among computers users due to the wrong choice of a mouse. Therefore it goes without saying that a good ergonomic mouse will save you from these devastating health conditions.

In this Buyer’s guide to Ergonomic Mice, we have compiled a list of important factors that you may consider before settling on a good ergonomic mouse for your use.

Type of Ergonomic mouse

Ideally speaking, this is the first consideration before you go into the market to purchase an ergonomic mouse. You need to know which type you need. This far, we would say we have three types of an ergonomic mouse in the market: Gaming mouse, Medical Mouse, and productivity mouse.

Whereas gaming mouse is designed with features that allow for programming and the ease of use, the medical mouse is designed specifically to provide safe use to prevent the development of medical conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome.


It goes without saying that a good mouse should fit on your hands perfectly. This will give you a perfect grip for the ease of use.

It is very uncomfortable to use a small or larger mouse in controlling your computer. But you may hear the expert’s advice on a larger mouse as opposed to a smaller one. I mean if you are to go offsize, better consider a larger one.