Black decker impact driver

If you need a tool that will serve you better in your home activities or projects, then this is what you need. The tool has a battery, which can store a lot of power. This makes it easy for the tool to drive in the bolts and nuts very easily. It has a high transmission and performance, which delivers 1375 in libs of maximum torque. The Tools driver has a high release of 1/4 hex chuck. The tool has different types of speed, which include;

Different types of speed

  • 0-3000 RPM
  • 0-39000 BPM

The black decker impact driver is versatile for both heavy and light operations. Generally, you can use it in all your home projects. The initial maximum battery voltage is 20 voltages. The tools handle is very friendly to your hands. The manufacturer took time in creating something that will be easy to handle and manoeuvre. You might feel the weight to be slightly high but it is not bulky. It is very important to appreciate that the tool has a light, which is activated by a trigger. The light becomes very useful especially if you are working in tight or slightly dark areas.

Power and Control

You will experience a lot of power from the tool when you press the power button. The power and energy are very vital in driving the screws or details with ease. It cannot damage or break the loose nuts. The handle is comfortable to hold during the project.

Anytime you set your hands on this tool, you should expect high power is it is known for that. Weight is 3.5 pounds. Product dimension is 7.9 by 3 by 9. For you to run comfortably this device, you will be required to have the lithium-ion battery. This battery comes together with the tool when you buy it. You do not have to worry if the tool breaks down since it has a 2-year warrant from the manufacturer.


The BDCI20C 20V come with a quick release 1/4 hex chuck. This helps you to insert or remove hex a bit quickly, and save your energy and time during working hours.


Have you ever experienced frustration because you cannot drive the screw with power? Well, the kit comes with an extra torque of impact driver. This makes all difference. It will supply you with 1375 lbs maximum torque. this will help you in providing the extra power in case you could be having a tough project.

Actually, the tool is worth investing in it. If you use it for the right purpose, it will go a long way. It is very important to consult friends or people who might have it. Nevertheless, make sure you are given the manufacturers guide on usage. You might come across people or some stores selling the used one. The used ones are cheaper than the brand new one. Therefore, you can save your money or stick to your budget. It is very important to go for what you can afford.