Benefits of Having a Garbage Disposal at Home


There are a few ways that you can dispose of your daily food scraps at home. You can send them to the landfill, do your own composting, or have a garbage disposal like the Waste King L 2600 under your kitchen sink. Read below to know why most homeowners choose the last option.

  1. Greener Environment

You are basically reducing carbon footprint when you use a garbage disposal to take care of your food scraps. First, you do not need to use plastic to collect all the garbage. Second, you would save the truck from transporting your waste to the landfill. That means that you would practically reduce the emission of harmful gases that the vehicle produces. Lastly, you would lessen the methane that is produced in landfills. The lesser garbage that goes to the landfill the lesser work it needs to do, the lesser the methane produced. In addition, the waste that comes from your kitchen sink would go directly to a treatment plant where it would be turned into fertilizer and reusable energy source.

  1. Hygienic Home

When you collect your garbage in a bin for it to be brought to the landfill later on, you are actually attracting flies, bugs and other unwanted creatures in your home. The decomposition process of the food scraps would produce nasty smell around the house, too. Sometimes, even after getting rid of the trash, the stinky odor would still linger in the room where it was taken from. With a garbage disposal, you would not need to let the rotting food scraps sit longer inside the house. The wastes would automatically be going down the disposal system after they have been ground.

  1. Less Plumbing Problems

Some problems with the pipes at home would be caused by food scraps that are trapped in the drain. Sometimes, they would not only clog and flood the sink, they would also affect connecting pipes that go to different parts of the house. By using a garbage disposal, this problem would be taken care of. You do not need to worry about food scraps blocking the pipes anymore as they would be properly ground and would directly go to your sewage system.

  1. Easy Clean-Up

It is sometimes bothersome to be cleaning up all the food scraps off the plates every after each meal. Most especially if you are already tired from a long day’s work. Having a garbage disposal would make cleaning up a lot easier and convenient. You would only need to put the dishes in the sink and let the water run over it. The food scraps would go to the drain and would be pulverized by your machine.

  1. Save Money

Some people hesitate to buy garbage disposals because of the fear that they would be using up more water and electricity. Little do they know that they would be spending more with all the garbage bags they would need, plus, the pay for repairmen to fix broken pipes. A good garbage disposal only uses a small amount of water and less electricity. Since there are many garbage disposals on the market today because of their popularity, make sure to know which one would suit your home needs. You might want to check out some reviews on them and compare different products and models.