A Friend Indeed

true friend

Have you heard of the song “Anytime You Need A Friend” by Mariah Carey? The song celebrates the true spirit of friendship. It says no matter how far you are from your friend; you are always connected through the mutual love which you both share. Well, we all have friends. But how many of us have real friends, about whom we can use the connotation “a friend indeed”? Not many I guess.

According to the cosmic law of nature, friends are next to our family. They are the one who form the main pillar behind our growing up. But, a bitter reality is that even the purest of friendship has a negative side. Some turn out to be a mere opportunist and fake at the most critical moment. That leaves us dejected and depressed.

How to spot the difference between who is a fake friend and who is a real friend? As it is said nothing is worse than a pretended friend who stabs a knife at your back at your worst moment.  Let us see what the differences are.

  • Your real friends will always lend their shoulder for you to cry on, but a friend with interest, we doubt, will ever do so.
  • You make time for your fake friends, but your real friends will definitely make time for you.
  • Your real friends will be your staunch critique, but a fake friend will never ever do that, for the fear of losing what they are gaining from you.
  • A real friend protects your deepest secrets, but a fake friend will not do it.

Your true friend will accept your call at 3 AM, but a fake one will make every excuse to put your call down.

A true friend is strength behind us. They encourage us in our entire endeavor. We can rely on them when we need them the most. That is why there is this popular saying, ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed’. There are some other characteristics apart from the mutual love we share, which make our real friends more like our family.

  1. Real friends help us get over the negative thoughts about ourselves; they help in boosting our self-esteem.
  2. A true friend will warn you if you are moving into the wrong direction. They will point out your mistakes and give suggestions to rectify yourself.
  3. They are always present whenever you need them. They will help you mentally, morally and emotionally and will pay attention to whatever you say.
  4. With your true friends, you will have some weird, embarrassing but fun and memorable events. They are the reason you will feel a decrease in your stress level.

Above all, you feel happy and satisfied with them around you. They will keep you on your priority list. Most important, they are the reason behind your success and strength.

After all, a friend whom you can rely on during tough times is a prized possession whom you can cherish forever.