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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

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New York! New York!

New York! New York!

A career in music is often a lot of students’ dream, especially those who love to work with music and to be creative. Music can be found in so many places and as professional you can enjoy working in various schools, clubs and even radio stations. You can start small and move up in terms of your career to gain the experience necessary to become a professional, in-demand musician or even a DJ. But it all starts with attending the right school. You should find a program that works for you, and this is possible by comparing different schools and…

Riding on Music

Riding on Music

If you absolutely love music and want to choose this as your career, a disk jockey or DJ is a great option for you. Not only do you get to work with music but you can also enjoy your work every day. You can play music at various events and also get the opportunity to get a contract to play regularly at clubs and other interesting locations. Becoming a professional DJ will require you to be knowledgeable about various music genres but also know how to use all the latest equipment efficiently. Disk jockeys often work in radio broadcasting as…

Let Music Heal Your Soul

Let Music Heal Your Soul

Music therapy is becoming increasingly popular, especially since it is so effective. Music therapy can be helpful for many different situations and it’s an effective way of relaxing, recovering from an illness or surgery, or during stressful times. Hospitals often offer music therapy as an additional service and there are also music therapy clinics available in some states. Music therapy will cost around the same as physical therapy or speech therapy. You can also work with a professional that has been trained in music therapy and for this you might pay the same as when you see another psychological service…

Choosing the Best School for Music

Choosing the Best School for Music

As a student you might be interested in becoming a professional music producer and that is why you have to choose the right schools so that you can start your career off on the right track. Finding the best school will require you to do a bit of research and compare programs and equipment so that you know exactly what school will be the best for you. Some of the schools that you can study music production at include Cypress College, American River College and San Diego City College. These schools offer music production programs and they are ideal for…

The Ever Green Need for Music

The Ever Green Need for Music

If you have ever wondered whether a career in music is for you, consider the fact that you don’t have to be a performer to enjoy a career in this field. If you love being technical and working behind the scenes, you can choose to become an audio engineer. These professionals have the ability to work on various productions and also in different industries like film, radio and television. There is always a demand for audio engineers in the job market, as the growth rate for audio engineers are estimated at 13 percent over the next four years. Most technicians…


Industrial Design & Engineering: En Route To The Future

An investment is something you put into but expect something back in return. Many students worry that they are going to invest in a new career and then be stuck in a bad job market. However, there are some fields that are quite rewarding and excellent long term investments for your careers and for your future. One of the highest paying career fields to choose from is a career in the industrial industry. There are many types of Industrial-based career choices for individuals who want to combine their passion for science and applied art. If building a future for the…


The Crossroads Between Chemistry & Geology

Choosing a major can be a stressful time for any student. You may have a specific subject in mind but you always have that difficult task of narrowing it down to specific study. Many times it comes down to whether or not you want to discover more about humans or the earth itself. Students just have to find where their strengths are and where their passions lie. What were you most successful with in high school? What did you actually enjoy doing while in class? I picked two subjects to go over, biochemistry and geology to give you an idea…


Online Back Up: A Necessity Not A Luxury

So what is cloud storage? Cloud storage in the most basic of terms if is a way for you to save information on the internet. You are then able to access your files from any computer that has a connection to the internet.  This keeps all of your data from the internet more secure and you have a much lesser chance of losing what you have saved. It is definitely a lot safer than simply saving in onto flash drive or your own personal hard drive. And depending on the type of computer that you have, you may need a…


Backblaze, Skydrive or Dropbox – Who Rules?

Cloud storage is an easy way for you to save information on the internet. Files such as music, documents, photos, you name it, they can be safely stored without any worries on your end. Anywhere you go where there is an internet connection you are able to gain access to your files. It is an awesome way for people who are on the go to always have access to their data and files without worrying about them being compromised. Many people think that having security like this would cost a lot of cash but it really doesn’t. There are many…


What’s In It For You?

Some people may wonder if cloud storage is the right option for you. A lot of people are afraid that their information will be compromised in some way. The fact is if you don’t use some type of cloud storage then you are putting your data and saved files at risk. It is much safer to keep your files in a safe storage that is password protected and can only be accessed by you. So you are probably wondering which route you should go and what program you should choose. There are a number of them available no matter what…

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